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As a FabricsNG Tribe member, you get information, insider deals and resources needed to increase sales and grow your fashion brand. You also get to benefit from our Bulk Buy discount program which allows you to buy high quality, high volume fabric at further lower cost to you. Our objective is to provide you with the best pricing and availability options from our endless supply of top notch and high-end apparel fabrics. 



  • Access to a monthly 10% discount        
  • Access to style tips, our insider deals and  promotional offers
  • Fashion education on understanding fabric types and resources on how to build a strong fashion brand
  • Information on funding opportunities available for fashion business
  • Information on relevant Fashion events
  • Invites to our specially curated contents and fashion events



  • ·         You only qualify for a 10% discount if your total orders in a MONTH exceeds N50,000
  • ·         N50,000 does not need to be one order. You can place different orders (e.g N18000, N5000, N23000, N17000) to qualify for 10% discount as long as the total is above N50,000 in the same month
  • ·         The discount is applied from the first order that brings your monthly total to above N50,000
  • ·         The discount is available for only orders shipped within Nigeria
  • ·         Fabric cost is not inclusive of shipping. Shipping is paid separately depending on the final weight of fabrics ordered and delivery location.
  •            Registered Tribe members are not entitled to giveaways, retail discounts or competitions/ contests. However, if you chose to participate, that particular order/ transaction will not be included in your monthly tribe discount calculation.


For further questions or clarification, please send a mail to [email protected] or chat us up on Whatsapp +2348165305104

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